Fares for typical journeys:

  • Puerto de la Cruz - Santa Cruz: 4.10 ( 2.15 with bus pass)
  • Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife Sur Airport: 8.90 euros ( 4.70 with bus pass)
  • Puerto de la Cruz- Playa de las Amricas: 11.20 euros ( 5.85 euros with bus pass)
  • Puerto de la Cruz - Teide National Park: 4.80 ( 2.55 with bus pass)
  • Playa de las Amricas - Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 7.30 ( 3.60 with bus pass)

Bono Bus

  • "bono-bus" (bus pass) for 12 or 30 euros. These passes can be used on every route, can be shared between several people and save about 50 percent on the price of a ticket.
  • The Bono Bus Card is slightly smaller than a credit card. You place the Bono Bus card into a small green machine near the bus driver, and tell the driver your destination. The Bono Bus card is printed with the discounted fare and the balance that is still available to be used on the card.
  • You can purchase Bono Bus Tickets from bus stations, bus terminals, and various retail outlets, often newsagents, look for the Bono Bus sign above right either the remaining balance is used up, the card becomes full (room for about 18 journeys) or valid for 1 year.
  • Route: South Tenerife Airport-South Motorway-North Motorway-North Tenerife Airport-Botanical Gardens Motorway-Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Approximate Journey time from Airport to Puerto de la Cruz 1 hour 25 minutes.
  • Adult single fare: €9,70

From the Airport