1. Sandals Resort

They are the best place to stay on the Island. There is unlimited food and drink and the three resorts are dotted all around the island. You can go on the free shuttle bus to any of the other resorts and spend time using their facilities and beach.

They offer free diving, sailing, paddle boats, swimming lessons and there is a choice of over 15 different restaurants to pick from ranging from Japanese food to French. You can book excursions from the resort which pick you up and drop you off to the hotel. I would recommend the island tour and the pitons hike if you’re up for a big challenge!

2. Land and Sea Island Tour

The Island tour covers everything but all very briefly. It says you get to see a banana plantations, but that's literally it. You SEE the plantation because you just drive through it, no chance to stop and look around.

They take you to the Sulpur volcano and the coco plantation tour is really good fun, you get a guided tour around the whole plantation which demonstrates how coco is made. The tour includes lunch which a buffet spread of traditional food, yum yum. You then get a short cruise on a boat which stops off at a beach where you can go snorkelling (they provide the snorkelling kit). Very relaxing day :)

3. The Pitons

This is not for the faint hearted or the unfit! We had a horrible tour guide that took us up the mountain at lightning speed, there were so many points I felt like giving up and I'm relatively fit. We eventually we decided to stop trying to keep up with the tour guide and go at our own pace before we collapsed. The track is not sign posted and at some points you can get lost. It gets steeper as you get up toward the top and there are a few bits you almost have to climb.

Unfortunately in St Lucia it rains pretty much every day. This is not ideal for climbing on slippery rocks at high altitude. The rain made the trek very precarious and you have to take great care with every step you take, this becomes exhausting when you run out of energy.

The worst part is, when you FINALLY do get to the top, there is nowhere proper to sit down, the view is barely visible as there are too many trees in the way so its not as rewarding as you would think. It's around a 5 hour round trip from the top to bottom of the mountain and we couldn't walk properly for about 2-3 days due to muscle pain.

I would only recommend this trek if you're very fit and have comfortable shoes. Looking back now (with the memories of the pain I was going through at the time slightly faded), I'm proud to say I actually made it up a mountain nearly 3000 feet above sea level! I just wished someone warned me of how hard it would be!

4. Pigeon Island

This is not really an island as such, it’s more of a peninsula of the island. To get there simply get a shuttle to the middle sandals resort and from there you can walk to it. With a very slight incline (well anything is compared to the Pitons!) it should only take you 15 minutes to get to the top.

From the top there are views of the Sandals resort and at the base of the "island" there are some ruins.