1. Triple Bridge (Tromostovje)
  2. Prešeren Square (Prešernov trg)
  3. Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge)
  4. Central Market
  5. Old Town
  6. Ljubljana Castle
  7. Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  8. Square of the Republic
  9. Krakovo
  10. Metelkova City


EXCURSION 1 - Cave & Castle

  • Postojna Cave
  • Vivarium Proteus – cave animal museum
  • Predjama Castle

EXCURSION 2 - Lake and Gorge

  • Lake Bled
  • Vintgar Gorge

EXCURSION 3 – Kranj & Skofja

  • Kranj - town, mountains – North on way to Bled
  • Škofja Loka - medieval town – North on way to Bled


  • Piran - Venetian port – FAR Sourth West
  • Skocjan cave – FAR South West
  • Soča Valley – FAR North West, IN ITALY
  • Piran/Pirano - gorgeous Venetian port
  • Škocjan Caves — Less commercial than Postojna but no less impressive, UNESCO Site.
  • Triglav National Park — Mt. Triglav and mythical golden chamois Zlatorog.
  • Soča Valley — Soča river is with its emerald colour European Alpine rivers.


Beer in city centre: €3.00, outside city €1.80. expect 10% tip in sit down restaurants

Free city map at tourist information centre / train st.

Triple Bridge (Tromostovje)

Tromostovje consists of three separate picturesque bridges located next to one another. The neighboring Prešeren square with the statue of Slovenian greatest poet France Prešeren is the central location. From here, cross Ljubljanica and turn left for Open Market and the Dragon Bridge, or go straight and then right for the old town.

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Prešeren Square (Prešernov trg)

named after Slovenian poet, France Prešeren (1800-1849). His poetry is a symbol of longing for love and freedom, poems became the national anthem.

Old Town

Squeezed between the castle hill and Ljubljanica river is the old town with two squares, Mestni trg (City square) with the Robba fountain and the city hall behind it, and, farther on, Gornji trg (Upper square). Well preserved medieval buildings now house local designer shops, and several popular cafes and restaurants.

Zmajski Most (Dragon Bridge)

Guarded by 4 dragon statues. The dragon bridge is located at the end of the Ljubljana Open Market, just a block or two down the river (north-east direction) from the Triple bridge.

Ljubljana Castle

The tower has magnificent views all over the city. You can also see the Sava River and Kamnik Alps in the distance. Free entrance to the Castle Courtyard, Chapel and Gift shop charges for the tower.

Square of the Republic

Where crowds gathered as Slovenia announced its independence from the Yugoslav Federation in 1991.


A village-like part of the city connecting the centre to the Trnovo suburb.

Metelkova City

A self-declared autonomous culture place to gather for alternative artists, many subcultures and youth. What used to be a military barracks is now full of underground artists, bars and nightclubs. Metelkova can get crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. It is within 5 minute of walk from main Train Station, and it is home to a renowed hostel Celica.

Central Market

Along the Ljubljanica, from Vodnik Square to the Triple Bridge, stands Plecnik’s famous Market You can find fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs, health and natural products to local handicrafts. Open Mon – Sat.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Boatmen and fishermen dedicated to their patron St Nicholas 13th century. The cathedral, with frescoes by Giulio Quaglio and built to the plans of the Roman Jesuit Andrea Pozzo, was erected between 1701 and 1708.

Ljubljana Free tour

Ljubljana's Free Tour start on the steps of the pink church in Preseren Square - the city's main square. In Summer there are 2 tours a day, at 11:00 am and 15:00 pm. No booking required. Tour is just over 2h through the old town and city centre.


Mestna tržnica

The biggest market is Mestna tržnica (Town's market). Fresh, handicrafts, fresh bread, street musicians, fish, sauerkraut, horse pate, oils, cheese. Open daily but Sunday from morning until 4pm. The best time is on Saturday morning. The stalls closest to the main path are usually the most expensive ones. Address: Pogacarjev trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Christmas market

Every day from the 3rd of Dec - 2nd Jan. Numerous stands with paintings, wood products, gloves, sweaters, shals, home made delicacies, liquers, honey and glass of hot wine keep you warmer.

Antiques market along the river

Flea market on Cankarjevo nabrezje along by the river is held each Sunday from about 8am till the lunch time. The market is a pleasant walk and offers all kind of antiques, arts and curiosities.

Flea market - Vic

For locals who look for bargains and second hand goods, inc clothes. Open Sundays from 7am - 1pm, but the best time is maybe 9am when all the stalls are already open and there is still a good choice of goods. To get there you should take a bus no.1 in the direction Nedeljski sejem (Sunday market). There is an entrance fee of 0.80 Euro to the market area.

Chocolate shop - Cukrcek

Absolutely brilliant chocolate shop hidden in the old town. Home made chocolates, sweets, diabetic chocolates, bonbons, marzipan, and the famous Preseren candy balls. Address: Mestni trg 11

Authentic souvenirs


The family run »Krasevka« homemade food products from the Kras and Brkini region. Famous Prsut with organic goat or sheep's cheese - Refosk or Merlot wine, olive oil, pum or apple home-made vinegar. Brandy, honey, various herbs, teas and dried mushrooms. Address: Ciril Metodov trg 10

Idrija Lace Gallery

Handmade Idrian lace since the 17th century. Napkin, table cover, curtains or bed linen, or even a dress or jewellery made out of lace. Address: Mestni trg 17

Piranske soline

shop offers products based on salt made in a traditional way. Table salt, salt flower, bath salts, soaps with salt, salt peelings, even a salt chocolate can be found here. Open till 8pm, Saturdays untill 4 pm, Sunday till 3 pm. Address: Mestni trg 19, 1000.

Galerija Rustika

Handicrafts, honey liqueur, many wooden and clay artefacts. 2 Galerija Rustika shops in Ljubljana. One is at Ljubljana castle and the other one in front of Tourist Information Center by the Triple Bridge, Stritarjeva Street 9.

Dom - Souvenirs

Located by the road side of the Ljubljana market, sculptures and pottery. Open Mon - Fri from 8 till 7pm and on Saturdays till 3pm. Address: Ciril-Metodov trg 5.

Vonj narave (Smell of Nature)

Located at the cross-roads of Precna and Trubarjeva street. It offers lamps, mirrors, baskets, furniture etc. All items are made of natural materials such as wood, ceramics, iron and glass, fragrances for the home, especially. Address: Precna ulica 2.


Innovative furniture and accessories for home or the office, pick up a gourmet chocolate, a stylish T-shirt, recycled cardboard vases, air fragrances, natural cosmetics from the South of France, colourful alarm clocks, humorous gadgets for your iPhone. Address: Miklosiceva 18, 1000.