Hot Horse

Address: Trubarjeva cesta 31 Park Tivoli
Price: snacks & burgers from €2.50
Hours: 8:00-01:00 Mon-Sat, 12:00-01:00 Sun

Hot Horse exists to supply Ljubljančani with a favourite treat: horse burgers. The branch in Park Tivoli is just down the hill from the Museum of Contemporary History

We were in Slovenia so wanted to try it's famed horse meat. Hot Horse was recommended so we dropped by, unfortunately our visit coincided witha heavy metal concert so the place was surrounded by rowdy drunks! We managed to fight our way to the counter and ordered a horse burger with all the extras and a horse dog. The size of these were huge! The fillings were fresh, we got lettuce, saurkraut, tomato, jalapeno, red cabbage, nacho sauce, horseradish, mustard and habbanero sauce. The horse pattie is large but quite thin. The horse dog sausage looked like a bratwurst. The taste of horse meat was dissapointing, quite bland and slightly peppery. The bread used was extremely chewy which made for a very messy eating experience. I'm glad we tried it but I wouldn't go back unless I was drunk enough not to care about taste!


33 Trubarjeva cesta, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The restaurant officially opens on the 1st of Jan 2013 according to the note on the door. We stood outside and looked at the menu when we were invited in by a young Turkish guy, he was very proud of his new restaurant venture and explained that they were still waiting for stock on a few items so could only offer us falafel or beef donners. We decided to stay and try the falafel, the guy said it would be 5 minutes as he makes it fresh. It was well worth the wait and one of the best falafels I've had. The fillings were freshly cut, sauces home-made and falafels hot out of the fryer. The whole wrap was huge and I struggled to finish it. All this fro 3 Euro makes it a bargain in Ljubljana which can be pricey for food. A good budget option for anyone passing by the area and minutes away from the centre.


9 Stari Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We were recommended this place by our shuttle bus driver from the airport. We visited in the afternoon and were offered a 3 course lunch deal which consisted of Soup, main and desert for around 13euros. The interior has a French bistro style to it, service was prompt and friendly. Our food was top quality. For starters I had a home-made vegetable soup which was just what we needed after a walk out in the snow. For mains,my wife has the Salmon pasta which had two generous fillets of grilled salmon on a bed of pasta with cheese and peppers. I had chicken and Gorgonzola, which consisted of a moist grilled double chicken breast topped with cheese, a side of gratinated potatoes and flavour packed jus. For desert we shared a chocolate torte cake which was extremely moist and laced with chocolate mousse with a touch of rum. All in all this was the best meal we had in Slovenia and would highly recommend Julija to any visitor.

Nobel burek

Miklosiceva cesta 30, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We stopped by as we wanted to try some Burek. We stayed at the hotel union opposite this branch and noticed it was busy day and night, it's a 24h snack stop. The staff were very friendly, he did his best to explain what Burek was to us with his limited English. Burek is a fluffy pastry/bread with filling, popular as a snack in Slovenia. We explained that we were Hindu so we did not eat beef, he was honest and said they used beef in the meat Burek and recommended the cheese Burek. It was fresh from the oven, piping hot with stringy cheese and flaky pastry. A very good value snack for 2.30euros.

They also sell pizza by the slice and kebabs. The only downside is there is no seating.