Journey time 15mins €15 - €22. The taxi rank is just outside the terminal building.


bónobus €6,40 for 10 trips
€1,30 for 1 trip
€5 for unlimited for 1 day
€10 unlimited for 3 days
Buses generally run until 11:30pm.

Airport which has stops in several locations:

Palos de la Frontera (next to the Casino de la Exposición)
Prado de San Sebastian (just next to the bus station)
Pedro de Castro (Hotel Pasarela - Hotel Meliá)
Enramadilla (RENFE - Viapol)
Avda. San Francisco Javier (Edificio Sevilla II)
Luis de Morales (Hotel Portacoeli - Hotel Lebreros)
Avenida de Kansas City (Estación Santa Justa - Hotel Ayre)

Bus tickets currently cost 2,40€ and departures are about every 30 minutes beginning around 6:15am with an hour and 30 minute break around 3pm. Somewhere just around midnight (24:00) they stop.

The itinerary is Seville Airport - Kansas City - Santa Justa Railway Station - Luis de Morales - San Francisco Javier - Carlos V - Prado San Sebastián

1.1 km, 14 mins  / Calle Gonzalo Bilbao