1. Puente Nuevo

This beautiful bridge took 42 years to build. Fifty workers were killed during its construction. There is a chamber above the central arch that was used for a variety of purposes, including as a prison. During the 1936-1939 civil war both sides allegedly used the prison as a torture chamber for captured opponents, killing some by throwing them from the windows to the rocks at the bottom.

You can get great views of the Puente Nuevo by walking along the trails of El Tajo. The main path takes a zigzag course (a 30-minute walk) to the lower mills.

Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo
Puente Nuevo

2. Plaza de Toros - The Bullring

One of the oldest bullfightings in Spain. Built in 1785 by Jose Martin Aldehuela - the same architect who built the Puente Nuevo. It holds 5000 spectators.

€6.50pp and €8.00 with an audio-guide.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Paz, Ronda


3. Baños Arabes - Arab Baths

Best preserved in Spain. Built in the 13th century. The large cauldron used to heat the water is still visible. They are down a steep downward hill. We just took photos from above as I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back up again, we had already seen some similar in Granada.

Address - Calle Molino de Alarcón, s/n. 3€ and is free on Mondays.

Arab Baths
Arab Baths

4. Palacio de Mondragón - Mondragon Palace

We didn't go into this Palace as it was pouring with rain. It consists of a museum and gardens. Built in 1314 residence for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. The museum is devoted to Ronda’s rich history with examples of Roman and Moorish tombs.

Address - Plaza Mondragon, 5 map. 3€.

5. Palacio del Rey Moro y La Mina

Palace of the Moorish Kingand the Water Mine Residence of the Moorish King, Almonated, who is said to have drank wine from the skulls of his enemies.

Address: Calle Santo Domingo, 9

Palacio del Rey Moro y La Mina

6. Arabic walls and city gates

The Murallas del Carmen have recently been restored. This is down a steep downward slope. I didn't think it was worth seeing unless you have plenty of time and like going up and down hills.

Arabic walls

7. Plaza Duquesa de Parcent

Picturesque square with The Santa Maria del Mayor church, which took over 200 years to build and is a mixture of gothic and Renaissance styles. I wouldn't kill myself to go see this its like every other square with a few plants and a water fountain.

Plaza Duquesa de Parcent

8. Jardines de Cuenca

Located near Tajo, a series of terraces with great views. You can see these from the Puente Nuevo.

Jardines de Cuenca

9. Mirador de Aldehuela and Balcón del Coño Viewpoints

This is only a 3min walk from the bridge, looks very romantic with views of the gorge, the Puente Nuevo and the surrounding countryside. The viewpoint has been named in honour of the architect José Martin de Aldehuela. The same architect who built the bullring and Puente Nuevo.

Mirador de Aldehuela

10. Acinipo Ruins

We didn't go here because it is 20km from Ronda. A large theatre dating from 1C AD and several houses are clearly distinguishable. 'Acinipo,' = 'city of wine,' and was one of the few cities in the Roman Empire that made wine that was exported back to Rome.

Address - Carretera de Sevilla (20 kms from Ronda). Entrance is free.

11. Cueva del Gato, Benaoján

The most recent addition to Andalusia's list of Natural Monuments, the river pools provide an unbeatable spot for a swim and a few hours in nature. The Cueva de Gato is about 20mins drive from the centre of Ronda.

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