Short-term (tourist) passes:

24-hour pass: 80 Kc - 2.09
3-day pass: 220 Kc - 5.74

Short-term (tourist) passes are sold at ticket offices located at some metro stations and at tourist information centers. Long-term passes are sold at ticket offices at some metro stations. Ticket offices are located at many metro stations (e.g. Dejvick, Hradcansk, Mustek, Florenc, Hlavn ndra, Ndra Holeovice, Nmest Mru) and are usually open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., some are closed for lunch.


The lines currently are:

  • Line A (Green) - running east to west from Depo Hostivar to Dejvick
  • Line B (Yellow) - running east to west from Cern most to Zlicn
  • Line C (Red) - running north to south from Ldv to Hje

An extension by two new lines (D and E) is planned for the future.

Transfer Stations

There are three transfer stations in the city center where two lines intersect:
Mustek (lower end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and B
Muzeum (upper end of Wenceslas Square) - lines A and C
Florenc (main bus station) - lines B and C
These are transfer points from one line to another. Each transfer route is clearly marked and takes 3-5 minutes walking.

In the Metro Station
Trains run from 5 a.m. till midnight in 2-3 min. intervals during peak hours and in 4-10 min. intervals in the off hours. The time elapsed from the moment when the previous train left the station can be seen on the clock at the head of the tracks.

All stations are equipped with escalators, some allow access for the disabled.