Jakarta Cathedral

We never visited this because Jakarta isn't very safe. The cathedral is very beautiful on the outside, the structure and colors are amazing. On the inside is big but the decoration and details are average

Kawah Putih

3h from Jakarta

Greenish water meets with white color of sulphur field, this place is horrible by road and cyclists sharing a 1.5 lane road. Our return trip took like 4.5 hrs due to a very bad jam. Try to go on a weekday if possible to prevent this. Its diameter is not that big. Only around 300 meters I think. Do not stay more than an hour inside the crater as the smell of sulphur may strike your lungs

Ujung Kulon National Park

3h from Jakarta

Located on the south-western tip of Java in Banten province, this park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its rare Javan Rhinos. Despite this, and the fact that much of its rare wildlife (but not the rhino) is relatively easily seen, it is rarely visited owing to its relative remoteness from the main tourist routes.

Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)

5h 10 from Jakarta

Leisurely £1.50 for 5 passengers for 30min boat ride from pangandaran up the river and into the narrowing canyon. Then sportin' life vests, swim into the canyon; jumping off rocks and getting flushed through some rapids. Avoid the weekends and holidays as it gets crowded.

Dieng Plateau

6 ½ h from Jakarta

Dieng Plateau is a place up in the highlands and not only far from the rest of Java, it is different as well. It is a self contained place here where you can do your own exploration by trekking through rolling hills of plantations and greens with mountains flanking from all sides in the horizon. Definitely a trek that will keep you fascinated throughout the journey and you wouldn’t even realize the distance. In bonus you will be trekking in cooling climate as this highland have pleasant temperatures all year round.

Jomblang Cave

Semanu, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Spectacular cave indeed, but heavenly overpriced ($40). The staff, equipment and cleaning facilities after the excursion are good. But the cave itself need no maintenance and the slippery stepstones/lighting support inside the cave could be much better/safer. The road to the site is bad, the signs towards it unclear. In contrast; surrounding sites like Borobudor and Prambanan cost half. We found out that you need to book this with specialists in advance.

Mount Bromo

13 h from Jakarta

You can do both Mount Bromo and Ijen volcanos in one 3 day excurssion that takes from Yogyakarta to them both. However its a very very long bus journey. It costs about £50. At Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, with active and dormant volcanoes to choose from. You may ride a horse or catch or rent a jeep all the way to the top and be in time to catch a sunrise.

Ijen volcano

6 ½ h from Jakarta

This volcano has toxic fumes coming out of it so the government doesn't allow tourists to go near it because the fumes can lead to lung problems. There are however tours that will take you to the crater but then stop and let you decide if you wish to brave it and go right to the lava at your own risk. We deicded to listen to the government warnings and give it a miss. Seemed a bit dodgey.

Madakaripura Waterfall

12 ½ h from Jakarta

Short hike to get to the waterfall but it was amazing. Unlike the typical waterfall off bare rock faces, the waterfalls here had vegetation covering the rocks. If visiting bromo area try not to miss it.

Borobudur Temples - Yogyakarta

7 ½ h from Jakarta

Very beautiful temple run from Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta in itself is horrible and dirty but its worth staying at least one night to do all the temples in a day trip! We hired a taxi that took us from temple to temple all day. Very fun and rewarding. Ngayogyakarta, Jalan Malioboro and famous place in the evening enjoyable. Temple of Borobudur and Prambanan. Hill surrounded by volcanoes and overlooking green fields. Great Stupa (bell-shaped monument) at the top standing 128ft (40m) above the ground, surrounded by numerous smaller stupas.

Candi Selogriyo - Yogyakarta

7 ½ h from Jakarta

From the Borobudur vicinity, it's an hour's drive thru the countryside to the village of Selogriyo, from which you walk 40mins on a paved trail along the top of terraces growing rice, beans, corn, etc. The temple itself is very small but charming and its site affords a view over the valley.

Prambanan Temple - Yogyakarta

8h from Jakarta

Chandi Sukuh - Yogyakarta

8 ½ h from Jakarta

small hill resort on Gunung Lawu, close to Surakarta (Solo). The town itself is nothing spectacular but the bus ride from Solo is nice and the reason to go there can be a nice 3 hour walk (one way) through a very beautiful hilly landscape with forests and ricefields to Chandi Sukuh. The temple reminds more of a Mayan pyramid and there are some sculptures around that are supposed to be erotic but are more humorous.

You can walk back or take a ride on a scooter downhill and get the bus.

Sewu Temple - Yogyakarta

8h from Jakarta

Second large after Borobudur 3 and 4 temples are still under repair. Took about 30 mins to view the ruins. the ticket you paid for the prambanan temple gives you free train ride to this temple. Train stops for only 15-20min to shoot then goes off again. Worth visiting as it is equally charming, albeit smaller than prambanan. Being less crowded, makes it enjoyable to visit.

Plaosan Temple - Yogyakarta

8h from Jakarta

Buddhist temples located in Bugisan village, Prambanan district, Central Java, Indonesia, 1km NW of Prambanan Temple. 2,000 sm, 148 meters high. Surrounded by paddy fields along with vegetation such as banana and corn.


Monkey Park - Ubud

7 ½ h from Jakarta

Tourist attractions. Beaches was never empty of tourists from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, to Lovina in the north. Want to Ubud village atmosphere there, like mountains or Bedugul Tabanan there. Clubbing the most happening place in Seminyak. surfing, parasailing, or rafting. Be very careful with your belongings, don't hide your bananas or the monkeys will come bite you! They also like to steal your belongings but its good fun to watch them monkey around! A good day trip.


7 ½ h from Jakarta

This was my favourite place we visited in Bali as there are far less drunk Australian students and more Hippies or "Eat Pray Love wannabies" You'll see a lot of cool coffee shops full of people with dreadlocks and piercings or women in leotards slurping on smoothies fresh from the yoga barn telling you they have come to Bali to "find themselves". It's quite tropical in Bali and there are a few nice walks you can do in around town. We did a lovely one amongst paddy fields which ends up at a nice restaurant with great views. The beaches were never empty of tourists from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, to Lovina in the north. You can also get a tour to Besakih temple from here and walk down to the monkey park and visit the famous Indonesian Luak and try the coffee it poos out! Its the most expensive in the world!

Kuta Beach

7 ½ h from Jakarta

Tourist attractions. This beach is full of hippies and surfs and not to mention litter! I was not impressed! The town if full of drunkards and clubs and the usual tourist shops. There is a shopping complex with all the western comforts such as Mc Donalds, Mango, Zara etc. Not somewhere to really hang out in if you ask me!

Bali Temples - Near Ubud

7 ½ h from Jakarta


Tourist attractions. This is a day trip from Bali. It takes about half a day to walk around. Be sure to wear covered up clothes or you will be forced to buy a shawl to cover up on entry. Very beautiful. You will need to wear comfortable shoes as its quite a lot of walking and its also hilly.