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Sopot is the middle of the three cities and lies 14km north of Gdańsk and 10km south of Gdynia. To get here from Gdańsk you should take the local commuter train SKM from Gdańsk Główny (platforms 3-5) and get off at the 9th stop Sopot.

Crooked house

Opened in 2004, the award winning, exceedingly higgledy-piggledy building by Polish architects Szotyńscy Zaleski was inspired by the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer and the drawings of the Swedish artist and Sopot resident Per Dahlberg.
Address: ul Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53


the longest wooden pier in Europe (512 meters long) with a beautiful view on the whole Tri-city is an undeniable symbol of the town.

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Malbork Castle

  • Cost: 8 zloty(£2)
  • Transport: train from gdansk 45 mins. 50 km from Gdańsk
  • Entrance:  39,50 PLN, or 29,50 PLN (btw: 5.45-6.30pm)
  • Address: ul. StaroScinska 1, Malbork 82-200, Poland
  • Transport: easy day trip from Gdansk by train
  • Takes roughly 2 hours to see it all without a guide.
  • free audio guide but you need  a passport or some other document to give to them a deposit

Opening hours:

Interiors: Tue-Sun: 9.00am-7.00pm
Exteriors: Tue-Sun: 9.00am-8.00pm, Mon: 9.00am-8.00pm

1274, when the Order of Teutonic Knights came to this land. In the course of about 30 years a small castle was built and it was named Marienburg, which means Mary's City.

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Situated right by the seashore, offering many tourist attractions as well as splendid shopping opportunities and a lot of entertainment. The city was founded as a Polish harbour in 1926. Because of its unusual location, you will easily catch great views of the sea and beautiful scenery, and also find long promenades, beautiful waterfronts, marinas and yacht clubs.


Train from Gdansk Główny to Gdynia every 15 minutes and then SKM diesel to Hel.

If you get the 9:45 from Gdansk you have 7 minutes to change about 4 platforms across the underpass. The journey is wonderful - straight through pine forests and sometimes with the sea on either side. Single ticket costs 21.50 zł (get a 5.40 zł single from Gdansk to Gdynia - and then the 16.10 zł single from Gdynia to Hel, just in case you miss the connection.)

When you get to Hel have a walk into town - it's just a Polish beach resort full of holiday makers. You should have time for lunch and then get the hydrofoil from the end of the pier at 3.30pm. But make sure you buy the ticket from the office halfway down the pier or you could be walking back! The trip is 24 zł back to Gdansk but it will be the best value trip you can get. It takes 1hr 50 min but the first hour is getting across to Gdansk, then the next 50 minutes is navigating the canals back to the town centre. You could pay a tourist company for this trip - but the cost is in your ticket, you see Westphalia lighthouse where the first shots of WW2 were fired, the huge ships and the massive remains of the former Lenin Shipyards.

TRAIN PRICE: 21.50 zł = £4.34 single x 2 = £8.68pp return