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1. Pathos Town

There is a small clubbing strip in Pathos town, very cheesy and often gives free shots before 9pm. If you don't feel like clubbing there is also bowling alleys and pool tables. If you walk around some more you may find a few caves dotted around which have old make shift churches. The food is very expensive, more so then England. Their main dish or dishes I should say is called Mezze (see below).

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2. Pathos Beach

There are lots of beaches around as its a coastal town.

3. Tomb of Kings

Tomb of kings a around a 30min walk from Pathos town centre along a main road. Along the way there is a supermarket. It's well sign posted so you can't miss it. I'm sure there are buses there if you don't feel like walking. It is a large area full of ruins and empty tombs by the coast. It takes around 1 hour to walk around them all as there are around 18 tombs in total.

It dates back to 300 BC. The tombs were looted of all artifacts. Rather than being a tomb full of kings it was actually tombs full of Ptolemaic aristocrats from around Paphos around in the 3rd century BC.

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4. Mosaics

The Mosaics date back to the second century A.D. You can pay for a guided tour around them all or just walk around yourself. The exhibits are half in door and half out door. The mosaic house is called house of Dionysos because of all the depictions of Dionysos, the god of wine.

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5. Aphrodite's Rock

This is the birthplace of Aphrodite's (the goddess of beauty and love)

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6. Roman Theatre

This Roman Theatre is part of a vast archaeological park from Nea Paphos

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7. Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are is an excursion you can do from Pathos town and takes the whole day. They are situated in the north of the Island. Lunch is included and you really do get into the heart of the mountains including the Kykko Monastery.

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