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  • The regional Öresund trains runs between the central stations of Malmö and Copenhagen around the clock.
  • During the day three times per hour, at night between 23 and 06, every hour.
  • The Malmö-Copenhagen trip takes 35 minutes.
  • Trains run from Malmö Central Station via Malmö Syd / Svågertorp and Kastrup airport to the train station in Copenhagen.
  • Many trains continue to the various destinations in both Sweden and Denmark. You can also travel directly between Malmö-Helsingør.
  • Tickets to Malmö-Copenhagen costs 98 SEK and are purchased in the ticket machine at the station. If you buy the ticket on the train you have to pay a supplement.


  • Bus 999 rund between Malmö-Copenhagen each hour during the day
  • In Malmö the bus stops at different places: Concert Hall and Södervärn and in Copenhagen at Kastrup and at the Town Hall Square.
  • A standard single ticket Malmö-Copenhagen costs 80:- SEK and the trip takes about 40 minutes.
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Shops are open weekdays 10-18 and weekends, Saturday 10-16 and Sunday

Turning Torso

Don't miss architect Santiago Calatrava's spectacular apartment building in the Western Harbour. At 190 metres, Turning Torso is the tallest building in Sweden. The building was inspired by a sculpture "Turning Torso" by Calatrava himself. Turning Torso consists of nine cubes with a total of 54 stories, with a 90° twist from base to top. The top two floors boast the exclusive meeting rooms of Turning Torso Meetings.

Ribersborg Beach & Kallbadhuse

The sandy beach of Ribersborg - or "Ribban" in the vernacular - is within walking distance of the city centre. The water stays shallow a long way from the shore and there are. The beautiful Kallbadhuset from 1898 is a popular destination for swimmers and café guests alike, who can enjoy saltwater swimming and a wood-fired sauna year-round.

Gamla Väster

In the heart of the city, west of the Lilla Torg square, is the picturesque Gamla Väster area.The streets are quieter here and the pace slower. Colourful street buildings, grand stone establishments, designer boutiques and restaurants.

St Petri kyrka/St Peter's Church

The oldest building in Malmö, dating from the early 14th century. The church was built in "Baltic Brick Gothic".


The most colourful district in Malmö. The market trade is lively here and the shops and restaurants have roots all over the world. Möllevången was the first planned.

Lilla Torg

Malmö's most charming square built in 1592 as a market square. Lilla Torg is filled with outdoor restaurants and cafés.


A "Dutch Mill" from 1851 - is situated next to Slottsträdgården. The area also features a well-preserved miller's house and garden.