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Its Currywurst! Its that wonderful dish, that fills you up, drenched in curry ketchup and good for bringing you back up, why its Currywurst! Forgive the Grnemeyer inspired nonsense

So youre in Berlin and you know that there was a wall or something that made this city into two cities, belonging to two nations; and that some people on one side of the wall had little and others were supported by the rest of the German Federal Republic tax revenue. But, did you know that this had serious consequences for the Berliner Currywurst? Did it ever occur to you that there is no such thing as THE Berliner Currywurst, but in fact, two? Well prepare to have your mind blown! In David Bowies glammed-out West Berlin, Currywurst was traditionally fried with the still skin on (good for that extra crispiness, thank you tax Marks), while in dignified, socialist, workers East Berlin, Currywurst was traditionally boiled without the skin (one wonders what they did with the skins). Nevertheless, both sides of the anti-fascist protection wall enjoyed and still enjoy their Currywurst with a heaping helping of Pommes (French fries) or, for the more conservative, bread rolls.

Curry 36

Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin. (Kreuzberg. U6, U7 Mehringdamm. Open 9am-4am Mon-Fri; 10am-4am Sat; 11am-3am Sun).

Curry 36 Is the ultimate Currywurstbude and is always busy, no matter what time of day you show up. But not to worry, theres never more than a short wait for this delicious, fresh made treat. Personally, I think their fries are the best amongst the lot

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